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Sci-fi Thriller ‘Fort Solis’ Coming to PS5, PC and Mac August 22nd

Sci-fi Thriller ‘Fort Solis’ Coming to PS5, PC and Mac August 22nd

Video game fans rejoice as acclaimed publisher, Amethyst Media Group, has announced that the much-awaited Sci-fi Thriller ‘Fort Solis’ is set to launch on the PS5, PC and Mac on August 22nd.

The new much anticipated title is the result of a collaborative effort between Amethyst and veteran game developer, Acrobyte Studios.

Players will have the unique opportunity to play ‘Fort Solis’ on state of the art gaming hardware. The game fully capitalizes on the next gen power of the PlayStation 5 and PC’s, but also offers support for the Mac platform as well.

‘Fort Solis’ is an action-packed Sci-Fi Thriller set in a hostile, post-apocalyptic world. Players take on the role of a rag-tag group of survivors in their struggle to restore order and reclaim the planet.

The game includes a wide range of exciting game mechanics, with an emphasis on exploration, survival and crafting. Players will be able to scavenge weapons, build vehicles and craft tools to help them survive in the hostile environment. In addition, they will also be able to negotiate their way through tense mission objectives to achieve their objectives.

Players will be able to test their skills in a variety of single player episodes, as well as engage in thrilling head-to-head player versus player fights. An extensive multiplayer component offers a range of cooperative and skirmish modes, so gamers of all kinds will be able to find their perfect experience.

‘Fort Solis’ is set to launch on the PlayStation 5, PC and Mac on August 22nd, 2020. The game can be pre-ordered on Steam and other digital platforms, with a discount for those who make an early purchase.


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