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Xbox Game Pass Expands Its Library with Four New Titles!

Xbox Game Pass Expands Its Library with Four New Titles!

Xbox Game Pass has released its newest ⁢titles ‌that will be available to ⁢subscribers and fans of the program. The⁢ four titles are⁣ Lego Star ‍Wars III: The Clone Wars, ⁤Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package, Prey, and Ark: Survival​ Evolved: Explorer’s⁢ Edition. All of these ​new titles can⁣ be enjoyed on both​ the Xbox⁢ One and PC.

Lego Star Wars III: The ‍Clone Wars is an action-packed game that⁢ features​ all the characters and events of the hit cartoon series⁤ and​ movies. Players will experience the epic ⁤battles, stories, and‍ characters found throughout the Clone Wars ⁣from⁣ the Republic and Separatists’ point‍ of view. This game ⁤has‍ many levels, great graphics, and⁤ exciting game play that has a replay factor.

Saints ⁣Row: The⁢ Third ⁣- The‍ Full Package⁢ is the definitive version of a classic‍ open-world adventure. ‌It takes place in a living and breathing world where no two moments are ever‌ the ‌same. Players can free roam​ through the​ fictional ⁢city of‌ Steelport and‍ engage in⁤ high-octane ⁤activities like carjacking,⁣ property destruction, and even international arms trafficking.

The third title added to the Xbox Game Pass, Prey, is a sci-fi‌ shooter adventure ⁢where humans have colonized ‌the ‍Moon and are⁤ now⁢ threatened by an alien race.​ Players⁣ must utilize weapons, ‌gadgets, and even mind-bending powers ‍as they⁢ explore an ⁤ever-changing‌ world full ‌of evil, suspense, and exclusive ⁤secrets.

Finally, Ark: Survival Evolved: Explorer’s edition takes players on a dinosaur-filled adventure⁣ as they‌ struggle to survive against a hostile environment. Players ⁤can craft weapons‍ and tools,‌ tame and train dinosaurs, and explore an ⁢unbridled wilderness.

These new titles give Xbox Game ⁤Pass subscribers even more choices and hours ​of fun. Many new titles are released ‍every⁤ month, making⁢ Xbox Game Pass the best deals for Xbox gamers.


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