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Warframe to Launch Cross-Save Progression Before End of 2023

Warframe to Launch Cross-Save Progression Before End of 2023

Warframe to Launch ⁢Cross-Save Progression ⁣Before End⁤ of 2023

Warframe, the critically acclaimed‌ sci-fi ​third-person shooter, is set to launch ‌an exciting‌ new Cross-Save Progression system before the end of 2023. It’s a ‍groundbreaking​ move that will help bring players together from all platforms and allow them to take part in joint adventures.

The⁢ Cross-Save Progression ‌feature will enable players to access and play with their Warframe profiles regardless of the ⁣platform they’re using. Whether they’re playing on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, or Nintendo Switch, they’ll be able to use ⁢their same Warframe ​profile. This means they’ll be ‍able to play with⁢ their friends regardless of the platform.

The ⁣Warframe ⁤team also made sure to stress that this Cross-Save⁣ Progression feature will not require the players to unlock content twice. Content unlocked on one platform will be made ‌available‌ on all other platforms, meaning it won’t ⁢automatically be locked for other Warframe players.

They also stated that the process of⁤ implementing Cross-Save Progression and utilizing ⁤cloud-saves has been an intense undertaking that the Warframe team has been ‍working on for a while. But even with the⁢ technical challenges, ‌they are still confident that the feature should be ready to​ go before the end of 2023.

The ⁣announcement ⁤of Cross-Save Progression has ⁤been met with much fanfare from the Warframe community. ​It’s ⁢a major step towards ​a ⁤more ⁤unified gaming experience ⁢and one ‌that will bring gamers from all platforms closer together.⁣ With this new feature, Warframe is‌ poised to be‍ one of the most powerful and popular titles available.


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