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TFT’s Lead Developer Explains How a New Designer Revived the Headliner Mechanic in Set 10

Since TFT’s release in October 2019, “Lead Designer Edgar Serrano and his team have worked⁣ hard to ‌deliver new experiences to ​competitive TFT players” according to‌ Riot Games. Champion, item, and game mechanic changes can be expected in each⁣ new…

Experience the Lead Lap: Get Your Hands On Razer Blade 16’s Lamborghini Edition

Razer Blade 16’s Lamborghini edition has‍ been⁢ released just in time‍ for the summer, and ‌early adopters⁢ are already‌ lining up to ⁢get ‍their⁣ hands on the​ latest technology offered by a powerhouse in the gaming industry. Razer ‌has teamed…