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Destiny 2 Hand Cannons Set to Receive Massive Buffs

Destiny 2 Hand Cannons Set to Receive Massive Buffs

Destiny 2 Hand Cannons Set to Receive Massive Buffs

Guardians rejoice! The beloved hand cannon weapons in Destiny 2 are set to receive massive buffs when the game’s latest update rolls out in a matter of days. The changes don’t just reduce time-to-kill (TTK) numbers, they give players more options when it comes to builds and strategies and raise the skill level required in PvP.

This update has been highly anticipated since developer Bungie teased the changes in December. Multiple game-changing adjustments, like decreased recoil, increased range, and increased damage will give players more control of the weapon, making it accurate, and allowing for longer engagements. These buffs will apply to both low-impact and high-impact hand cannons, as well as the new adaptive-frame hand cannons.

In addition, Bungie has included weapon-specific adjustments. For instance, The Trust hand cannon, a coveted PvP weapon, will now be able to deal more precise damage with an increase in accuracy when matching an opponent’s distance. Meanwhile, Hawksaw will now fire 15% faster, making it great for quick-firing in both PvP and PvE.

Finally, Bungie has addressed the high damage weapons, recently adding a “kill clip” perk that awards 10% additional damage for kills earned in “quick succession”. This will allow users to get more damage out of a hand cannon while taking down multiple foes, creating a scenario where guardians can counter any ranged opponent.

In short, Destiny 2’s hand cannon buffs are set to change the game across all levels. From PvP, to PvE, and raids, expect more skilled, varied, and arguably more satisfying fights that will have all Guardians rightly excited.


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