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Street Fighter 6 Adjusts Super Art Command Inputs

Street Fighter 6 Adjusts Super Art Command Inputs

Capcom recently announced an update‍ to Street Fighter VI, and among the list of changes and refinements, the adjustments ⁢to ​Super Art Command inputs were most noteworthy.⁢ One of the biggest changes was a shift in the ​activation of non-special-move Super Arts. ⁣The new inputs for all Super Arts now consist of holding two punch buttons down for five⁢ frames, after which the ⁤chosen Super Art will be performed. This significantly simplifies the inputs for⁣ activating Super Arts and encourages a more⁢ combo-oriented playstyle.

The input changes have ​caused ​a lot of discussion since the announcement, with a majority⁢ of players claiming that one of the unique challenges ⁣of Street‍ Fighter​ VI has been removed. However, Capcom clarified that while‍ the inputs for regular Super Arts have been ⁢made​ easier, the inputs for Special Move-initiated Super Arts are still the same as‍ before, providing a ​layer of depth to the game that was still present. This was a compromise on Capcom’s ​part, hoping to give newer players an easier access point into the game,⁣ while also keeping the experienced players engaged.

In addition to this input change, Street Fighter VI also⁤ added several new characters to its roster, along with a few stages and character-specific⁢ balance changes. These changes also provide a more competitive ​experience for professional players, ⁤as well as an easier experience for casual players. With the update, it seems Capcom is doing its best to ensure that ⁤there is something ⁤for ⁣everyone in ⁢the game.


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