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SAG-AFTRA Members Approve Video Game Strike

SAG-AFTRA Members Approve Video Game Strike

SAG-AFTRA, a union that represents more than ‌165,000 American ⁣film and ⁤television workers,⁢ recently voted overwhelmingly to authorize⁤ a strike against 11 video game companies. ‍The⁣ members ​voted at a special two-day meeting in Los Angeles on October 21 ⁢and 22.

The vote brings the organization closer to the first strike in its history with video game companies. The union has⁢ been bargaining for weeks with ‍11 major⁣ video ‌game companies, whose games ​include popular franchises ranging ⁣from World ⁢of Warcraft to Call of Duty, over several issues, including better compensation for voice actors.

The union and video game companies are understood to be at ⁣an impasse, ⁣with both sides unable to agree on ⁤a ​host of issues. Specifically, SAG-AFTRA has raised ​issues​ such as for ​regulating and disclosing the type of​ work that is expected‍ of voice ⁣actors, additional pay incentives and steps ⁣to​ protect actors from what it says are ⁢vocal ‌stress and exhausting hours.

The union says that video game makers have repeatedly blocked attempts to‌ end‍ discussions and reach a fair deal. The issue of pay incentives for video game work ⁣has ‍been⁣ an ‍especially hard-fought battle. This recently approved strike‍ authorization is ⁤a powerful signal that this issue needs to be addressed or else the union⁤ is prepared to walk‍ away from negotiations.

With today’s vote, union members have authorized their leadership and negotiators to⁣ call a strike against the​ 11 companies if an acceptable resolution to negotiations cannot be reached.

It remains ​to be seen ⁢whether the​ union and the video ​game⁣ makers can come to an agreement in time to avert the‍ strike, or if the union’s negotiating team will call a work stoppage. All eyes are on the​ upcoming ​meeting scheduled for December 1, when SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris is expected to meet with the top executives of the​ video game companies.


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