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Sonic CD: Sonic’s Brave New Frontier

Sonic CD: Sonic’s Brave New Frontier

The much-beloved classic Sonic the Hedgehog game, Sonic CD, is famously known​ for being one of the earliest games that introduced ​Sonic to the world. It introduced many of the character’s iconic moves, like the Spin Dash and Homing Attack. The game itself also featured some incredible graphics for its time and timeless music composed by Naofumi Hataya, making it truly a classic title in the Sonic franchise.

The game​ is set on the distant ‌planet⁢ Little Planet, with Doctor Robotnik seizing control of it with the intention‌ of using its mysterious temporal energy to take over the world. Sonic naturally must spring into action to rescue Little Planet and all ‌the animals living‌ there. In some versions of the game, Princess Sally also joins Sonic in this quest for justice.

Gameplay-wise, Sonic CD has a large number of features that many ​Sonic fans still love to this day. While ⁤the controls are relatively simple ‌to grasp, the game also allows Sonic to perform a variety of maneuvers that can be used to his advantage when exploring the stages ⁢and ⁣taking ‌down ​Dr. Robotnik’s machinery.

The most popular feature from Sonic⁤ CD, however,‍ is the level design.⁣ Each of the levels has two versions, one in the past and one in the future, which can be ⁤changed ‌by Sonic collecting a special item inside the level. Doing so changes the⁢ design of the level, the enemies present and the music, allowing players to experience the levels in⁣ two completely different ways. Sonic CD also features some terrific bonus levels, which are unlocked after completing the main⁤ game.

Finally, the game⁤ also has some of the best boss battles of​ any Sonic game. Each of Dr Robotnik’s contraptions must be defeated in an unique way, and the sinister ⁣doctor has some fantastic Last Words for Sonic whenever he is defeated. In short, Sonic CD‍ is​ certainly a brave new frontier for Sonic which all fans of the ​series should experience.


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