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Sony and NCSoft Forge ‘Global Partnership’ for Console and Mobile Game Development

Sony and NCSoft Forge ‘Global Partnership’ for Console and Mobile Game Development

Sony and NCSoft have recently announced that they’re entering into a global⁤ partnership to develop and distribute console and mobile games together.​ The agreement marks the first‍ collaboration ⁤between Sony Interactive Entertainment and NCSoft. ​The details of the partnership are ​still forthcoming, but both‌ Sony and NCSoft have confirmed that the partnership will take effect⁤ immediately.

NCSoft will develop console and mobile ‍games specifically designed‌ to be available on Sony platforms, including ⁣the PlayStation ⁣console and the Xperia mobile devices. Sony, in turn, will have⁢ the exclusive right to distribute NCSoft’s games in selected markets outside of ⁤South Korea. The official press release also states that Sony and⁤ NCSoft will actively explore opportunities for global collaboration.

The partnership is⁣ an exciting development for gamers, with both Sony and NCSoft holding respective influence in the video game market. Sony’s market share of ‍Complete at Home Console video‌ games is ‍nearly 30 percent globally, while NCSoft ​is ⁤well-known for its⁣ MMORPGs, including Aion, Blade & Soul,⁢ and Guild Wars. Through⁣ this partnership, Sony and NCSoft can⁤ produce unique titles that combine elements from their respective gaming libraries.

As part of the partnership, NCSoft⁤ has also agreed to increase its investment in the PlayStation platform. The company plans to⁤ make use of PlayStation tools to create engaging gaming⁣ experiences, as⁢ well⁣ as use new marketing⁢ and technical support initiatives. Sony expects these⁣ initiatives to help broaden the reach ⁤of ​NCSoft’s games, as well as the visibility of ​the PlayStation console.

Mina Kim, Head of Global Publishing at Sony Interactive Entertainment, commented, “We are honored to welcome NCSoft as a partner and look forward to providing ⁢further entertainment experiences to broader⁢ audiences worldwide. This partnership will create⁢ experiencing different from ‌anything seen in video games before and fulfills Sony’s ⁢ongoing commitment to deliver innovative, unique content to gamers.” She further⁢ stated that‍ the partnership will result in a diverse range of inventive and entertaining games for fans of both Sony⁣ and NCSoft.

Similarly, CEO ⁣of⁢ NCSoft, Robot Suh, commented on the partnership, saying,⁣ “Both NCSoft ⁣and Sony Interactive Entertainment share a ⁢passion for creating perfect entertainment experiences, and this agreement‍ will further strengthen our relationship. Through our‌ collaboration, we can reach to gamers of all ages ‌around the ‌world with engaging‌ and thrilling titles.”

Sony and NCSoft’s partnership offer exciting possibilities for their ​respective fans. With ‌NCSoft’s impressive library ⁢of games, and Sony’s unrivaled console coverage, the union of⁢ these two gaming leaders is ⁣sure to create something unique and perhaps even groundbreaking ⁢for the gaming industry.


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