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7 Must-Play Games To End September With a Bang!

7 Must-Play Games To End September With a Bang!

September is ⁣coming⁤ to an end and it’s‍ time we end this fading month with‌ something big and memorable. A few games can come to our‌ rescue to make‌ the ending of the month fun and exciting. We’ve handpicked⁤ 7 must-play games⁣ that are incredibly fun, totally addictive and a perfect way ‍to end⁢ the month of ⁣September with a bang!

1. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

Star Wars continues to be a favorite of millions of people worldwide, and​ what could ‍be a ‍better pick than⁣ Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. This action-adventure game allows you to make choices ⁣that are beneficial for you and​ the world. Get ⁣your hands on this ‍game to slay enemies and explore the⁢ new Star Wars universe.⁣

2. The Sims 4

Be creative in this strategy-based daily life simulation game and experience ⁢life on​ your terms. ‍The Sims ​universe is your playground with beautiful settings, characters,⁢ and all sorts of customization. It’s the game that will definitely make ⁤you smile ⁤if​ you’re looking for some virtual fun to cheer up your ‍September.

3. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

In this ⁢high-octane action-packed first-person‍ shooter game, you become an elite soldier⁣ who is equipped with⁤ all sorts of weapons. Go on a mission to ‍tackle global threats, making⁤ your mark with every shot ⁣you take. All the intense​ action, extremely thrilling ⁢missions, and crisp graphics makes this one of the top must-play games for⁣ September.

4. Assassin’s ⁢Creed Valhalla

Time to make history in this open-world, action-adventure game, Assassin’s ⁣Creed⁢ Valhalla. Step into the shoes of a Viking warrior and go on raids to gain wealth ⁣and power. The intricate visuals, action-packed ‍fighting scenes, and well-crafted story make this the perfect ​adventure game⁢ for this summer.

5. NBA 2K21

For all sports and basketball ‍enthusiast, this game is a real treat. You ⁢experience the game at its best ⁣and have full control over who you want to be⁤ in the game. Be it an ⁣all-star team or your very own picks, ‌the choices are yours. Score points, shoot hoops, and prove ⁤who the best player on the court is.

6. ‌Red Dead Redemption 2

This true classic game needs no words to explain its greatness. Fight your way through a rough, wild West universe and go on missions to restore justice. Red Dead ​Redemption is packed with riveting fights, ⁤roaring gunfights, and a great storyline. If‌ you get done‍ with all the mentioned ‍games, ⁢this should be the one to go for.

7. Tom​ Clancy’s ⁢The Division 2

An innovative third-person shooter game, The‌ Division series has been entertaining people world-wide. Pick‍ this sequel to enjoy the concoction ​of ⁣strategy and action in ⁢the game. Work ‍together with thousands of​ other players and upgrade your skills and weapons to fight the bad guys in Washington D.C.

These 7 must-play ​games are perfectly ‍optimized for PC, and ‍will entertain you endlessly. ​So, buckle up and end the month of September with a bang! ​


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