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CD Projekt Cutbacks: Leading Videogame Developer Lays Off 9% of Employees

CD Projekt Cutbacks: Leading Videogame Developer Lays Off 9% of Employees

According to an ‌official statement released Tuesday, CD Projekt,⁣ the⁣ Polish developer behind the⁤ highly⁣ acclaimed games⁣ The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077, ‍is making cutbacks. The ⁣company has laid off ⁣approximately 9% of its entire staff.

CD Projekt has been dealing with financial losses, legal disputes,⁤ and technical errors in its most recent launch of Cyberpunk 2077. The game was subject to ⁢a series of delays and received mixed reviews‌ upon⁣ its launch, eventually leading to the company offering refunds.

The company has now announced that the necessary reorganization steps were ⁤taken to​ ensure the company’s successful ⁢development strategy ‍in the long run. However, the decision to⁤ cut jobs‌ was very difficult‌ and the company "would ⁣like to extend its deepest‍ thanks and respect to the people who left us"

CEO Adam Kicinski assured in a company statement that the job​ cuts wouldn’t affect the company’s ‌current projects, DEATHLOOP⁤ and WILDCAT, ⁣and that the layoffs were⁣ focused primarily on projects ‍that have been completed. Kicinski also expressed that the corporate reorganization will⁣ help CD ⁢Projekt on its way to⁤ achieving further success.

CD Projekt has received widespread critical and⁣ commercial success for its games, and while‍ the layoffs are unfortunate‍ for those affected, the company is taking the ⁢necessary steps towards long-term sustainability. Despite the setback, it looks like the highly regarded game studio will continue to make waves in the industry.


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