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EDH Players Rejoice: New Utility Lands Offer Nearly Unmatched Upgrades!

EDH Players Rejoice: New Utility Lands Offer Nearly Unmatched Upgrades!

EDH players around the globe are gearing up to experience some great upgrades: new utility lands. These special land cards not only help players facilitate their strategy by adding specific colored mana in the right amounts, but can also help players gain otherwise difficult-to-get abilities.

The range of utility lands is quite diverse for this set. One such card, Field of Invention, gives any creature you control with two or more a +1/+1 counter each turn. Field of the Dead grants its controller field creation whenever they land an activated ability. Meanwhile, Arcane Sanctum offers ramp and colored mana to any who visit it.

The greatest benefit to these new cards is the tremendous increase in flexibility and card advantage they offer. Players won’t need to search high and low to find the right combination of abilities and colors that can give them an edge in any given matchup. All they’ll need to do is cast their utility lands and reap the rewards.

Another amazing thing about these specialized lands is how they interact with each other. They often interact in different ways depending on which two are in play, creating a wide range of different combinations. When combined with other lands and cards, the amount of options available to the savvy EDH player can become nearly limitless.

Utility lands are a great addition to any EDH player’s toolbox, and they can give anyone an edge in any matchup. Not only do they offer increased flexibility and card advantage but also a great range of powerful effects. It’s no wonder EDH players are rejoicing for the chance to experience what these new cards have to offer!


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