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BigBird and AngryBird Release Street Fighter 6 Tier List Ahead of Red Bull Kumite 2023

BigBird and AngryBird Release Street Fighter 6 Tier List Ahead of Red Bull Kumite 2023

BigBird and AngryBird, two of the world’s most respected fighting game players, have released their Street Fighter 6 Tier List ahead of the 2023 Red Bull Kumite. The Tier List looks to provide players with the knowledge of the current competitive landscape, helping them stay informed and up to date on the strong characters and how to best capitalize on them.

The list provides the rank, characters name, and relative strength of each character. BigBird and AngryBird assign an individual rank to each character from S+ to C–. The list is expected to play a major role in determining the metagame for Red Bull Kumite 2023.

The two competitors have established themselves as the premier Street Fighter competitors in the community for many years. BigBird is an FGC veteran, having competed for 6 years and developing a storied career. AngryBird is a relative newcomer to the FGC, having only competed a few years, yet has been able to establish himself amongst the very best with a growing list of tournament titles and impressive placements.

BigBird and AngryBird both iterate their deep understanding of the current game and its characters in the Tier List. As the tournament season ramps up, it is important to stay informed and knowledgeable of the current metagame. As such, the Tier List will be crucial for competitive players in understanding the current state of Street Fighter 6.

BigBird and AngryBird show superiority in producing one of the most comprehensive and thorough Street Fighter 6 Tier Lists to date. With the tournament season looming and Red Bull Kumite drawing near, it will be useful to follow the Tier List as it may influence and define who ends up on the big stage.


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