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Shroud’s Wish for More Starfield Bugs Comes True!

Shroud’s Wish for More Starfield Bugs Comes True!

In the⁢ world of popular Twitch streamer, and gaming celebrity, ‌Shroud, one wish has⁣ been granted; “More Starfield bugs!”

Earlier this week, Shroud tweeted his wish for more Starfield bugs, the highly anticipated title from Microsoft Studios. Shroud’s plea has ⁢been answered – a deluge of​ bugs and‍ glitches have been reported ‌in the game.

The bugs span a range of⁢ issues, from minor graphical problems to game-breaking glitches. Some players are reporting crashes in-game, ⁣while others⁣ are experiencing invisible walls. The issue has been so pervasive that many players are reporting being unable to ⁣progress in the game.

Dismay has now been replaced with enthusiasm as Starfield fans are‍ predicting that‍ there is a chance that the ⁢game’s remaining​ bugs and glitches could ⁤be addressed and fixed ahead of the game’s official release. ​Although this remains to be seen, Starfield looks set ⁢to⁢ benefit from an ‌extensive⁢ period of testing and tuning ⁢prior to launch.

The news has also had a positive effect ⁢on Starfield’s pre-order sales. ‍Many fans pre-ordered the game before the bug reports‍ began to surface, and for ​those who were still⁣ on the fence,⁣ the reports⁣ have only served to⁣ strengthen their interest in the⁤ game.

Whilst‍ games ⁣bugs and glitches are ⁤never​ welcome, the response ⁣to the bug reports from the Starfield community has been largely positive. The reports have given the game a level of legitimacy that ⁣it‌ would not otherwise have‍ had, and the knowledge that the game ​is going through ⁤such a⁢ rigorous stress test ahead of launch has ​been ‍a source of comfort for some players.

As for Shroud, his wish ⁣for⁣ more Starfield ‌bugs has certainly⁢ come ⁤true. Only time will tell if⁤ the ⁤game⁢ will ​be able to iron out‌ its issues before the title’s official launch window in​ mid-November.


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