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Season 1 Warzone Pro Unveils Best LMG Build with “Zero Recoil

Season 1 Warzone Pro Unveils Best LMG Build with “Zero Recoil

As we all know the⁤ Call of Duty: Warzone Season 1 has arrived and many players are eager to⁢ exploit its new⁤ features and strategies.‌ Among the foremost discussed topics in the Warzone subreddit is‌ the Zero ​Recoil LMG Build, which has caught the attention of many⁢ Pro ‌players due​ to its proficiency and low-recoil capabilities. Leading Warzone Pro players from around the world have now shared their best LMG Builds ‍with “Zero ‌Recoil” this season .

In this article, we will look ⁤at some of the suggested LMG Builds from the pro players and their​ strategy for utilizing them ‍in ‍battle. Firstly, let’s look at the recommended guns favored by these pros. Most notably, many of them have highlighted the FFAR 1 and the Stoner 63 as their preferred choices due to their impressive damage output, range, and accuracy.

FFAR 1 LMG Build – Zero Recoil

This is one of the most popular weapons in the game right now​ and⁢ many Warzone‌ Pros are utilizing its low-recoil capabilities. For this build, a Boosted Barrel and a Cronen LP945 Mini Reflex​ is‌ the ideal combination. Together these upgrades will​ reduce any vertical recoil while beefing up the already impressive range and ‌accuracy of ⁣the‌ weapon. Furthermore, if you add a Stippled Grip Tape to the LMG, your fire⁣ rate⁤ will be greatly increased, also making this a great build for ⁤close quarters.

Stoner 63 LMG Build – Zero Recoil

The Stoner 63 LMG is also regarded as one of the most powerful weapons in the game and many Pro players are making use of its Zero-Recoil capabilities. This LMG should be fitted with an 18.2″ Ranger ‍Barrel, a‍ Cronen Sniper​ Elite, and a Forge Tac CQC Pro Stock. ⁤The 18.2” barrel‍ will boost the range and accuracy, while the Cronen Sniper Elite will⁤ reduce any recoil from the gun. Finally, the ⁤Forge Tac CQC Pro Stock will increase⁣ the​ fire rate,‌ making this a great build for both long range and close quarters battles.

In conclusion, these Zero Recoil LMG​ Builds are favored by many pros and are proving to be effective in Season 1. They are high damage, low-recoil weapons which can be utilized in all game ⁣types. So if you are‌ looking for a new build this season, then why not try one of these out?


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