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Unmissable Gaming Deal: Cyberpunk 2077 Publisher Giving Away 70 Free Games!

Unmissable Gaming Deal: Cyberpunk 2077 Publisher Giving Away 70 Free Games!

Gaming fans are ⁣in‍ for an amazing treat! The widely-anticipated game Cyberpunk 2077 has a new ‌publisher, and it’s ​giving away 70 free games! This⁣ is an unmissable gaming⁢ deal for anyone who’s a⁤ fan ‌of ‌the genre.

The new publisher, ‌, is offering the free bundle ​of games ⁣across ‌their gaming library. This bundle is exclusive to GOG​ and includes titles such as ⁤The Witcher 3:⁣ Wild ‌Hunt — Game of the‍ Year Edition, Alien:‍ Isolation, Inside, and⁣ Outer Wilds.⁣ All you have to do ⁢to⁤ access this bundle ‌is sign up for a free GOG account.

The games in the bundle​ are on a wide range of platforms,‌ from PC to Mac and Linux, and all ⁤are DRM-free. In other words, they ​operate without​ any digital rights management, meaning you can download and⁣ play them on any devices you have access to without any ⁢restrictions.‍

The 70 free ⁣games can be accessed by downloading ​the Galaxy‍ Client, GOG’s gaming software ⁢that allows you to⁣ install, launch, and ⁣manage your games through their store. Once you’ve signed up for an ‌account and downloaded the app, you can add ⁤the entire ⁤bundle ‌of games to your library ​for free.

This is a great deal for avid gamers!⁣ The games ⁤have something for everyone, from⁤ classic RPG’s to ⁣modern shooters. Plus, you can ‌play them⁤ on a variety ‍of⁣ platforms, all without​ any ⁤added restrictions.

So, if you’re a fan ⁢of Cyberpunk 2077 and‌ are looking for​ more amazing games,‌ take‍ advantage of the 70 ⁣free games ⁤that is offering. It’s an ‌unmissable gaming deal that includes some of the best titles in the industry, ⁤so don’t‌ miss out! ​


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