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Relive Classic Halo Maps with ‘Squad Battle’ Playlist in Halo Infinite

Relive Classic Halo Maps with ‘Squad Battle’ Playlist in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite‍ has ⁣announced that⁣ its⁢ upcoming​ installment will come with a ⁢‘Squad ‍Battle’ playlist for⁣ those ⁢wanting to revisit classic ⁢Halo maps.‌ The⁤ playlist‍ will feature Halo 3,‍ Halo: Reach,​ and Halo 4 ⁣maps on rotation. Players⁢ will also be able to relive the nostalgia ⁢of fighting in⁢ classic ⁣iconic ​battlefields‍ from all three ⁣of the⁣ classic‍ Halo games.

The Team Objective ⁢and ⁢Slayer gametypes ⁤from ‍all ⁢three ‌games will​ also be ​included in ​the‍ playlist, with‌ maps ‍from ⁢Halo 3,⁤ Reach,⁢ and 4 ‍all ‍being ⁤present.

In ⁤a⁣ statement‌ regarding ⁤the ​‘Squad⁣ Battle’‍ playlist, ⁤343 ‌Industries’ Community ⁤Director ⁢Brian ‌Jarrard said: “We ⁤believe ⁤that​ much of the‌ magic of classic Halo multiplayer lies in ‍its⁣ iconic⁢ map ​sandbox layouts. ⁢In order to ‌make​ sure we honor⁤ the⁢ legacy of all ⁢those classic places fans have⁣ come⁤ to​ love, we’ve decided⁢ to bring​ back many ​of these⁢ classic maps for‍ Squad Battle.”

The ⁣‘Squad Battle’⁣ playlist will ⁢be the⁣ go-to for those looking‌ to relive ‍classic ⁢Halo maps,‌ but with ​a ​twist.⁣ Each match ⁤will ⁣be four-versus-four, with⁣ the Halo Infinite version of the maps​ being played. 343 Industries‍ has promised that ⁢these ‍maps‍ will have ‍been ‌‘updated’ ⁣to⁤ reflect⁤ the “latest ⁤sandbox captivation technology and advanced gameplay physics” of Halo‍ Infinite.

The upcoming Squad ⁣Battle playlist⁢ is‍ sure to be a ‍hit ⁣with Halo fans​ who have been around since the old days. It’s ⁢the⁢ perfect ​way ⁢to ⁣bring back nostalgia – playing ⁤classic maps ⁣with the latest Halo technology.


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