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Record Setting Downloads for Fortnite in August – PlayStation Reports

Record Setting Downloads for Fortnite in August – PlayStation Reports

PlayStation, ⁣the widely popular⁤ gaming‍ console, reported a record-breaking number⁢ of downloads for their hit ​game, Fortnite, in August. The ⁤game reportedly generated 831 million‌ downloads and generated a revenue of‍ $1.8 billion, becoming the first gaming app on PlayStation ‌to reach‌ the heights of ‌success.

Players worldwide have spent ‌over $1.8 billion ‍on the⁣ Fortnite app,⁤ and hundreds of people have now become ⁣“Fortnite ​streamers”, with subscribers earning benefits from the game. This resulted in 840 million ⁤downloads in August, alone, making it the highest​ grossing gaming ‌app on the ⁤PlayStation store.

Fortnite’s success was also attributed ⁢to the⁢ “Free-To-Play” nature of the ​game. Players ⁤are given‌ access to the full game, and can ⁣buy add-ons such as ‌skins, emotes, and battle passes that‌ upgrade ⁤the game experience.

This ⁢influx of ‍downloads also increased the total yearly downloads, significantly.‍ The year 2019 is reported to have⁤ witnessed⁢ over 8.3 billion downloads of the app, accounting for more than⁤ double the downloads ⁤of⁣ 2018. This​ increase in‌ downloads generated‌ an income of $5.1⁣ billion, ‌thus beating out all other contenders.

With such ‌remarkable success this month, no other game in the history ‍of‍ gaming has ⁣managed such an‍ incredible feat like Fortnite did ⁣in August⁤ and⁤ it is​ obvious‍ that it is much more than a hype. This ​is inspiring more and more developers, publishers, and players alike to reach new‌ heights in the gaming ⁢industry.


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