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PS5 Slim’s Size: A Closer Look

PS5 Slim’s Size: A Closer Look

The⁢ PS5 Slim is coming and it has a completely different look compared to its predecessor. ​And while it appears slimmer and more‍ streamlined, what’s the actual size? Let’s take⁣ a closer look.

Dimensions ⁢

The PS5 Slim is thinner than the original PS5, measuring‌ 10.24” x 2.13” x 12.83” (W x H x D). The original ⁤PS5 measures 11.86” x 4.45” x 15.4” (W x H x D). ‌So the PS5 Slim is ⁢definitely slimmer and more compact⁣ in all directions.


The PS5 Slim is a bit lighter⁤ than its predecessor, weighing in⁣ at 7.07 pounds versus 9.6 for the ⁢original PS5. This is a ‍significant‍ reduction‌ in weight, making the Slim version easier to carry and move⁤ around.

In⁤ comparison to its rivals

The PS5 Slim ⁣is considerably ‍slimmer than the Xbox Series X, which has ​dimensions⁢ of 11.82” x6.02” x 12.17” ‌(W x H x D). However, it is slightly‌ heavier than the Xbox Series X, which weighs​ 7.05 pounds.

What it means for gamers

The PS5 Slim is definitely slimmer and more lightweight than its predecessor, making it‍ easier‌ to fit into⁣ tight spaces ​around the house. It⁤ should also make it⁤ easier‍ to transport to LAN events or friend’s houses. The‍ lighter weight could ⁣also mean⁤ less strain on the arms ​when carrying it up and down stairs.⁢


The PS5 Slim is ⁤slimmer and more lightweight than⁣ the original ⁣PS5 and even the Xbox‌ Series X. This makes it ideal for people who don’t ⁤have a lot of space and ⁢would appreciate a lighter console to move around. Plus, it’s ‌still packing the ⁣same power and features⁤ as the original PS5, so it’s definitely worth checking out.


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