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Microsoft Ends $1 Xbox Game Pass Deal Just Before Starfield Release Date

Microsoft Ends $1 Xbox Game Pass Deal Just Before Starfield Release Date

Microsoft earlier announced a great proposal of ‍its Xbox Game Pass subscription plan. ​According to the deal, new users could sign up for a monthly subscription plan at a​ rate of $1 only. It was available to international users as well. This offer was shortly before⁣ the‍ most awaited Starfield ‌video game⁤ was set to be released.

Sadly, the company has ended ⁣the $1 offer now. Players who were looking to take advantage of this offer have to pay the full amount of $10 per month.

Microsoft ⁣had declared that the offer would end shortly and the ​time ‌has come. As a result, people can ⁢no longer sign up for the subscription plan at a discounted‍ rate ‍of $1. It was a great opportunity for all the gamers​ to enhance ‌their⁢ experience and buy new games at low cost.

The discounted plan was released shortly ⁣before Starfield’s release date was announced. It was ⁤a great ⁣offer for the players to buy the new game at ⁤the ​lowered rate, but unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be possible now.

The full⁣ subscription plan of Xbox Game Pass includes access to​ multiple games and titles. But, this doesn’t include Starfield; which is why the⁤ $1 deal was such ⁣an amazing one.

Although the⁢ other players will have to pay the⁤ full amount⁤ of $10 per month, ⁣Microsoft ⁢still provides some offers and discounts from time to time. So, gamers should look out for such discounts on ‍the Xbox Game ‌Pass from time to time.

Microsoft‌ had no comment regarding the deal. All we can say is⁣ that the $1 offer was a great‌ opportunity for gamers to get their hands on the new game Starfield on low cost. But, as the saying goes, ‘all good‌ things must come to ​an end’.


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