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Fortnite” Servers Resume Action with Chapter 5, But Prepare for Long Login Queues

Fortnite” Servers Resume Action with Chapter 5, But Prepare for Long Login Queues

Fortnite kicked ⁢off their new Chapter 5 with a ​bang, but ‍players may find themselves on the receiving end of some not-so-fun‌ server issues. After a short 8-hour delay, the servers were back online and‌ players were​ ready to‌ enter the‌ fresh season of content.

The main focus of Fortnite​ Chapter 5 revolved around ​a black hole with a ton of ‍mystery surrounding it, and now that the servers are back, players can finally experience the new map, challenges,‌ and enemies. However,⁣ there is a catch. As expected, the ⁢servers have reached maximum capacity and, as of ‍the start of the Chapter 5 launch, players ⁤can⁤ expect long login queues to get into the ⁤game.

To ⁤mitigate these long wait times, it’s important for ⁢players ‌to note that mission progress and rewards are preserved⁤ during disconnects. Additionally, players‍ logging in on console or PC may ​be able to jump ⁢into games in groups⁤ with friends already in ⁤the lobby, so that’s an option as well.

In ‍addition to the new ⁢map and enemy types, Fortnite Chapter 5 has a substantial⁣ list​ of new‍ items and features. These include new bundles​ of rewards with Battle Passes that have exclusive skins and emotes; ⁢new weapons⁤ such as grenade⁤ launchers, zapper traps and new fishing line​ mechanics; and underwater swimming with our favorite characters.

Regardless, ⁣despite the server issues, Fortnite Chapter‍ 5 is​ really setting the bar for a great start ​of the ​season. With the‌ new content and exclusive rewards, the long ⁤wait times won’t seem so‍ bad. Players can look⁢ forward to ​another exciting chapter of battle‌ royale.


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