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Blizzard Reveals Epic Three-Part Saga for Next World of Warcraft Expansion

Blizzard Reveals Epic Three-Part Saga for Next World of Warcraft Expansion

Blizzard Entertainment has ‍teased a stunning new content drop for ⁢the ever-popular MMO World of Warcraft. This three-part epic saga, the Shadowlands expansion, will bring players⁤ into an all-new realm of adventure, opportunity, and rewards.

The Shadowlands saga picks up as the forces of ⁣Azeroth launch an assault on the Burning Legion’s home realm in ⁣an attempt to put⁤ an end to the planetary-scale invasion of the legions. The terrifying powers that live in the Shadowlands have managed to keep the Legion’s forces at bay, but the cost of containing them​ was great. Now players must journey to the depths of the Shadowlands and ‌reclaim the lost secrets of the great tower within its darkest corners.

Players will explore a variety of new zones, such as the majestic forests of Ardenweald, the sun-drenched planes of Revendreth, the dark fortresses of Maldraxxus, and ⁤the kingdom of Bastion. Each zone promises to provide a unique experience and bring players closer to the Shadowlands’ ultimate assailants.

Along the way, they will be able ⁣to recruit a variety of allies to aid them in their​ fight, including necromantic armies of the undead or the brutal sentinels of Maldraxxus. Players will also make new acquaintances ‌in the form of covenants, powerful⁤ organizations found in each of the Shadowlands’ four zones that they can ⁢undertake quests and challenges ⁤for in order to gain great rewards.

Of‌ course, the ultimate goal of the Shadowlands expansion won’t be easy: save the Shadowlands from an ancient menace and restore balance to the natural order of things. With improved character customization options and a new level cap of sixty, the Shadowlands promises to be one of the most exciting experiences in the World of Warcraft universe.

The Shadowlands ‍expansion will​ launch on August 25th, 2020. Players can purchase it ​through the official Blizzard Store ⁣or platform of their choice for a suggested retail price of $49.99.


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