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Modern Warfare 3 Players Rejoice as Developers Open to Return of Fan-Favorite Mode

Modern Warfare 3 Players Rejoice as Developers Open to Return of Fan-Favorite Mode

Activision and Infinity ​Ward, ⁢developers of Modern Warfare 3, have announced they are eager⁤ to bring back a fan-favorite mode for the popular first person shooter. Fans of the 8-year-old ⁤game have ⁢been clamoring ‌for ​the ​return of the mode since⁣ its disappearance​ earlier this ⁢year.

The⁣ mode in question⁣ is commonly⁤ referred ‍to as ‍”Old School” and it featured a familiar set ⁢of classic maps from Call of Duty 4. The return of ⁤the mode has been long sought after by fans, but it was not expected to be revived until recently when Infinity Ward responded favorably to⁤ the idea.

In an official statement,⁢ the⁤ developer expressed its enthusiasm‌ to bring back the classic mode:‌ “While we can’t say too much right now, we ⁤are thrilled at the idea of bringing back an old favorite for⁢ our ‍fans. We know how much the ‍players ‌have been asking for ‘Old⁣ School’ and we are excited to finally be able‌ to deliver it.”

Infinity Ward is currently gearing up to release a significant patch for the game, which is expected to include the return of the ⁤beloved mode. The game’s community has responded positively to ⁢the news, with many ⁣players voicing their ​excitement for the ⁣return of “Old School”.

The patch is set to ‌be released in⁣ the near future,⁤ and ‍it will mark the first ⁢return of ⁤the mode since⁣ its‍ disappearance in ⁢February. Fans have been eagerly awaiting‌ the return of their ‍favorite mode and they are sure to be pleased with the news.

As the 8-year-old game continues to gain popularity, Infinity Ward has​ remained committed to keeping its community⁣ satisfied. The return of “Old School” is an exciting ‌development for many players and it marks yet another milestone for the iconic game.


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