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Kratos Awakens a New Side in ‘God of War’ According to Creator

Kratos Awakens a New Side in ‘God of War’ According to Creator

The legendary God of‍ War franchise‌ is getting ⁢a major refresh with ‍its long-awaited fourth installment. With Kratos’s son Atreus as his ally, Kratos will face off against a ⁤new foe in his ​quest for vengeance and redemption. According to game director Cory ⁤Barlog, Kratos will⁣ awaken a new side in-game that has never been explored ‍before in the series.

Barlog revealed at E3 2018 that Kratos is not as ‍straightforward as he ⁣has been in⁤ the past. He‍ will be⁣ both a mentor​ and teacher for his son, as well as a somewhat elder figure in-game. ‍Players will ‍soon⁢ realize​ that Kratos has mellowed out over ⁢the‍ years, and this new‌ side of‍ him calls for thinking before action.

Barlog explained that Kratos’s journey will be a “slow burn.” It will be up to the players to uncover the ⁢truth and ‍unlock the secrets surrounding Kratos’s changed attitude. With‍ the ⁢father-son dynamic explored in-game, players​ can expect a far more ⁣personal journey than any they’ve experienced in God of ⁤War.

Set in ​Scandinavia, this God⁣ of War promises ‍to remain faithful to the character’s original mythos. Kratos will experience an emotional reunion with many familiar faces from his past, and perhaps uncover new abilities and secrets along the way.

Players can look forward to an improved combat system and a new weapon, the Leviathan Axe, for Kratos. The weapon is as much a part of the game’s story as ⁤Kratos ‍is, with its iconic design and deep-rooted ties to Norse mythology.

The next⁣ God of War is‍ scheduled to be released ​in 2018 and will ⁢be the first major installment of the much-anticipated franchise. Here’s hoping Kratos can live up to his namesake and deliver an epic adventure we can‍ all enjoy.


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