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Baldur’s Gate 3 Xbox Series X|S Release: Here’s What We Know

Baldur’s Gate 3 Xbox Series X|S Release: Here’s What We Know

Baldur’s Gate 3, the much-awaited sequel in the classic RPG video game series is‌ finally being released for Xbox Series X|S. Here’s what we⁤ know about‍ this exciting new title.


Baldur’s Gate ‍3 is the first Baldur’s Gate title in ‌6 years, and the third in the top-selling video ‌game series that has ⁢gained a massive ⁤and passionate following since its launch almost two decades ago. It’s developed by ⁣Larian Studios, the team behind​ acclaimed indie game Divinity: Original Sin 2, and appears to be inspired⁢ by⁢ the original 1998 Baldur’s Gate.

Gameplay and Story

The game⁣ begins with a teleportation to the Sword Coast, ancient home⁤ of the Forgotten Realms. You’ll have‍ to face chaos, corruption,⁤ and dark ‌forces⁣ from across the planes.‍ You’ll ⁢have seven character classes and eight races⁣ to choose⁣ from,⁤ with a wide ⁣variety of skills, spells, ‌companions and more. Combat ⁤has been‍ overhauled from the ​original ‌and features a turn-based tactical system with a toolset that provides you with a deep set of​ strategies‌ and tactics.

Baldur’s Gate 3’s story takes place a century after the ‍events of the original game. You’ll have ⁤to explore different regions, discover lost secrets, and ‍Harris against powerful forces in your ⁣quest to save the Baldur’s Gate city. The game⁤ allows for⁤ full modding and⁤ multiplayer support, so you can create and⁢ share your own⁣ stories with other gamers.

Release Date and Pricing

Baldur’s Gate 3 is set to be released on Xbox Series X|S on September ‌21st. It⁢ will also be available on PC through Steam and GOG for $59.99. The game is also available for pre-order on⁣ Xbox ​One for ⁤$49.99,⁢ and there’s⁣ a Deluxe Edition⁤ for $99.99 that includes the⁤ soundtrack, digital art books, and early access ⁢to an extra possible companion.

Final Thoughts

Baldur’s Gate 3 is set to be one of the best RPG releases of the year, with a huge world to explore, deep customization, ‌and thrilling combat. Its arrival ‌on Xbox Series X|S ⁢is sure to be welcomed by fans, and is a great way to ​experience⁢ the classic⁣ Baldur’s Gate​ 3 in 2020.


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