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Google/Epic Loses Battle Over App Fees: Financial Times

Google/Epic Loses Battle Over App Fees: Financial Times

The Financial ⁢Times reported a major setback for tech giants​ Google⁣ and Epic Games after a ‍U.S. appeals court ruled against them in a fight over app store fees. The U.S. Ninth Circuit​ Court of Appeals declined to overturn an earlier ruling made by a federal judge that found that Google’s 30% fee on app store purchases is legal.

This ruling ​is a major victory for Google, and also a ⁤major blow to ⁣Epic’s hopes of establishing a ⁣precedent to allow digital stores ⁣to change ⁣their existing commission fees. The company, most well-known for their Fortnite game, had hoped ‌to persuade the court that ⁣Google had engaged in ⁤anti-competitive ​behavior by ‍refusing‍ to ⁤allow third-party app stores or‍ lower fees on its own ⁢Play Store.

The court’s ruling was praised by Google, who issued a statement saying it was ⁤“pleased with the Court’s decision⁢ rejecting Epic’s arguments.” They went on to reiterate their commitment to openness and choice on the​ Play Store, stating that “our path forward remains focused on‌ creating a ‌vibrant and open ecosystem that helps developers build ​successful businesses, while giving them the freedom to choose where their⁣ apps ⁢launch.”

Epic Games have yet to issue a statement in response to the ‍ruling, but it is clear that this is​ a big disappointment for ⁤the company, and the‍ wider ⁣app industry as a whole. It likely means that Google will continue to control the fees it charges for app purchases, setting a precedent that could be hard for other digital stores to⁤ challenge.


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