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Kratos Loses His Edge: ‘God of War’ Creator Weighs In

The creator of the iconic God of⁢ War video game series, ​David Jaffe, ‍revealed recently that the series’ protagonist Kratos has lost some of​ his edge in the recent ‍entries. In​ an interview with the ⁢gaming⁣ magazine Game Informer, Jaffe…

MkLeo Shares His Thoughts on the Upcoming Smash Game, Motivation & Steve

MkLeo, one of the most dominant Super ​Smash Bros. players‌ in the world, has​ recently ⁤spoken⁣ about the ⁣upcoming ​Super Smash‌ Bros. game. He weighed in‍ on the game’s ⁤potential, the importance of motivation, and ⁤Steve from the Minecraft⁢ DLC….