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Valve Steams Ahead with Dirt Cheap Refurbished Steam Decks!

Valve Steams Ahead with Dirt Cheap Refurbished Steam Decks!

Valve Steams ‌Ahead with Dirt⁤ Cheap Refurbished Steam Decks

Valve recently announced ⁤a new pilot program designed‍ to bring⁢ ultra-low cost gaming PCs to ⁤homes and offices—refurbished Steam​ Decks. Valve is targeting a retail price of $100 ‍USD for ‍these ⁢PCs, which will include an Intel Core i3 processor, 4⁢ GB of RAM, and a 250 GB hard⁢ drive.

The project is ⁢part of⁢ Valve’s ⁢effort ⁤to make ​PC gaming more accessible ​to everyone, in​ an effort ⁣to counter the rise of consoles. “You don’t ⁤need to spend thousands of dollars on a gaming ⁢PC anymore,” said Valve general manager ​Gabe Newell. “We want to supply gamers with an accessible and ⁤high-quality PC gaming experience at a‍ fraction of the ‍cost ‌of current gaming hardware.”

The Steam ⁣Decks, which will be pre-loaded with ⁣Steam⁢ OS, the OS developed⁣ by Valve, ⁤will be powered by Intel’s Core i3 processor, 4GB DDR3​ RAM,⁤ and a 250GB‌ hard drive. This hardware will be housed in a⁤ compact, 5.3-inch by 8-inch chassis with no monitor or keyboard. All gamers need​ to do is connect it to their existing ‍hardware.

The pilot ​program has already seen over 400 pre-ordered Steam Decks, with over‌ 7,000 more waiting on the waitlist. ‌For the initial pilot group,​ Valve is ⁤offering a generous 90-day ⁤warranty and free shipping, no matter where they’re located.

Valve is also looking‍ to partner ‍with developers to​ create more content for their computers. As well, Valve ​plans⁤ to provide access to a library of free titles including their ⁤own games like Portal, Team Fortress,⁣ and Left 4 Dead.

For gamers who want a cheap gaming⁣ PC⁢ without sacrificing on ‌quality and performance, Valve’s Steam Decks could be the answer. ​With a price tag of ​only $100, Valve’s‌ Steam Decks‍ could revolutionize PC gaming.


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