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Mario Kart 8: Controversial Strategy Removed with Latest Update

Mario Kart 8: Controversial Strategy Removed with Latest Update

Mario Kart 8 players are breathing a collective ⁣sigh of relief over the​ latest update, which has effectively made so-called “snaking” obsolete. Snaking was⁤ a controversial and widely-debated strategy used in the popular kart racing ⁣title, and was one of the most divisive ​mechanics in⁢ the Mario Kart ‌series.

Upon its ​introduction ‌to the game in 2010, snaking ‍became the go-to ⁢strategy for many of the best Mario‌ Kart 8‍ players. The practice involved rapidly alternating between sharp turns and short bursts of acceleration. This​ technique allowed ⁤drivers to obtain‍ a‍ considerable speed boost, ⁣allowing them to quickly catch up to opponents and overtake them ⁣with relative ease.

This advantage caused an uproar among the online Mario ​Kart 8 community, sparking ⁤heated⁤ debates about the propriety⁣ of snaking in the game and whether ‍or not it gave some players an unfair⁣ advantage. Developers responded to this outrage by introducing a new “anti-snaking” ⁤algorithm in the game’s latest update,⁤ which prevents players from ⁢gaining an advantage by using this technique.

The controversy surrounding snaking has been‌ put to rest as the game​ reverts back to the traditional Mario​ Kart​ mechanics with the latest update. It will⁤ be interesting ‍to see how the removal of this technique affects the playing field, and whether or ⁣not this move will ‌make Mario Kart 8 more‌ enjoyable for⁤ everyone ‌involved. For now, players should‍ rejoice in the peace of mind that comes ​with the latest update eliminating the ⁤desire to snaking forever.


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