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FC Barcelona Furthers Partnership with eFootball and Konami

FC Barcelona Furthers Partnership with eFootball and Konami

Football Club Barcelona (FC Barcelona) has announced a furthering ⁣of ⁤their partnership with eFootball and Konami, the developers of the ‍popular video game series Pro Evolution ⁢Soccer, for the upcoming⁢ season. This partnership is said to last for an additional two seasons to ensure that the FCB brand is able to reach even ⁢more fans from ‍all around the world, ‍in a noticeable expansion of its own digital network.

The partnership will ​see the incorporation of⁣ the FC Barcelona brand into the game, and will give access to a⁣ variety of various content including specially⁢ created‌ styles ‌and FC Barcelona ⁢player images. Fans of the famous Catalan football club will be able to​ play‌ with their favourite teams and test⁤ their skill levels against owners of Pro Evolution ‍Soccer. Through the specialist online mode, fans and Konami ‌users can participate in tournaments as well ​as exclusive club functions which will ⁣be fully integrated into the game.

Among the content available​ to fans will be improved club stadiums, new player models, and the famous Camp Nou stadium. Additionally, the ‌new partnership will see FC ‍Barcelona become prominently‌ featured throughout the online events such as the⁢ eFootball.Open and ⁤eFootball.Pro.

The club’s⁢ participation in the eFootball.Pro team ⁢competition will‍ mark the ‌first time that a major‍ European⁣ club has participated in a Pro ‌Evolution Soccer ⁢competition. This will make barca the first team to compete​ in a Pro Evolution Soccer tournament, as they will make their debut in ⁢the League of Legends​ Professional League (LPL) competition later this year.

On the eFootball.Pro team page, fans can find updates⁢ and information on⁢ the team’s ‍performance, including detailed ‌results,⁢ standings, and highlights from each event. Fans can also connect ⁤with the team and follow their progress online through a variety⁣ of social media platforms.

The announcement⁢ of the⁤ partnership‌ reaffirms FC Barcelona’s commitment to utilizing technology ‌to expand its reach. This partnership is expected to further engage the club’s global fanbase and continue the club’s tradition of participating in digital initiatives at​ the forefront of world football.​


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