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Ex-Rockstar Games Developer Refuses to Remove ‘Agent’ Article Amid Rumors of Legal Pressure

Ex-Rockstar Games Developer Refuses to Remove ‘Agent’ Article Amid Rumors of Legal Pressure

Amidst rumors of legal pressure, ​an ex-Rockstar Games developer refused to remove an article about the game ‘Agent’ after its announcement ​as cancelled.‌ On April 21, the developer, who requested to remain anonymous,‌ made the⁢ announcement on his personal blog that ⁢he was unwilling to remove the article or any other posts about⁣ the‌ game.‌ He justified his decision stating that he wanted to continue ⁢to preserve the historic meaning behind the‍ game and its development.

Previously, ‘Agent’ was revealed during the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo. The game was planned to be developed on PlayStation 3 and Xbox⁢ 360, but the project never saw the light of day. Nearly⁣ 10 years after the announcement, the ​developer revealed the series of events that had led to the game’s cancellation and details ‌of⁢ what it would have been.

The⁤ developer revealed that the studio⁣ was worried about the game’s ability to garner support from the gaming community and the core⁣ mission behind‍ the ⁢production ⁤was never ‍fulfilled due​ to pressures from⁢ the ⁤publishing side. ⁤He also mentioned that those involved with the project were never​ intending to deliver on the promises that were made regarding the game.

After word got out of‍ the developer’s refusal to comply with the​ publisher’s request, the​ ex-developer’s stance has​ been applauded by other members of the gaming community who have ‌been vocal in their ⁢support, wishing⁣ him luck in sustaining the article.

Despite the lack of a finalized⁣ product for Agent, the developer believes that the⁣ game still has a special place in history and wants to preserve the⁣ impact it has made on the gaming ​community, even if it was only ⁢in its early​ stages.


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