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Mario Kart 8: Controversial Strategy Removed with Latest Update

Mario Kart 8 players are breathing a collective ⁣sigh of relief over the​ latest update, which has effectively made so-called “snaking” obsolete. Snaking was⁤ a controversial and widely-debated strategy used in the popular kart racing ⁣title, and was one of…

WOW Fans: Controversial Character May See Return in Upcoming Patch 10.1.7

It appears​ that ‍a beloved ‌yet ⁢controversial ⁢character⁣ in​ World⁢ of Warcraft⁣ (WoW) may ‌be making a ‌comeback ⁤with ‍the next‍ patch, 10.1.7. ⁢As‍ some players ⁤have discovered during⁣ their⁤ anticipation for the expected ‍patch, a few ‍of the​ character’s iconic…