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LEGO Gives Fans an Early Look at its Upcoming Animal Crossing Sets

LEGO Gives Fans an Early Look at its Upcoming Animal Crossing Sets

LEGO fans are getting an early peek at the upcoming Animal ‍Crossing-themed sets. The acclaimed video ⁤game series has been a mainstay in the gaming world for ⁣years and LEGO has now partnered with Nintendo ⁣to bring this world to life. Fans can now⁤ build ⁣and⁢ collect their favorite characters⁣ from the series as brick-built minifigures, and they’ll have access to an array of toys that come in different shapes and​ sizes.

The⁤ sets​ that are currently available for pre-order are the⁢ Lego Mario Starter⁤ Course, the LEGO Animal Crossing New Horizons Island, the LEGO Animal Crossing Water Scooter and House and the LEGO Animal Crossing Isabelle and Tom ‍Nook Kitchen Sets. Each of these sets is ​packed‍ with charming ⁤and unique⁢ features, including‍ fun brick-built ‌minifigures that will⁤ be instantly recognizable to fans. The Starter Course features the iconic LEGO Mario figure, coins, power-ups and more, while the New Horizons⁤ Island⁢ Set is sure to be a favorite of Animal Crossing fans,⁢ complete with a villager, buildings and collectible items.

LEGO fans and Animal Crossing fans‍ can also‍ look ⁣forward to a​ variety of accessories⁣ to help them build their ‍own villages. These include ⁣ladders, apple trees and a craft​ table, handy for fans⁣ of ⁤crafting and construction. There are also holiday-themed sets to choose from, such as the Festive‌ Tree Set and ​the Winter Sports Set.​ Filled with⁢ accessories, these sets make it easy for fans to decorate their villages and recreate​ their favorite settings from the game.

LEGO’s ‌Animal Crossing ⁣sets are fun⁤ for people of all ‌ages. They are sure to be cherished by fans of the series, who can now explore the world that has ‍captivated ⁢gamers‌ across the globe.‌ Plus, the ⁤price point for these sets makes⁢ them an ​accessible ‍option for⁣ any budget.


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