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Parasol Stars: Reimagined Coming to Next-Gen Consoles in Late 2023

Parasol Stars: Reimagined Coming to Next-Gen Consoles in Late 2023

A classic from the ⁤late‌ 80s, Parasol Stars: Reimagined, ‍is coming to⁣ next-gen‌ consoles‍ later ⁢this year. Developed by​ independent ​game developer‌ Bitmap Bureau, the game revisits‍ the brilliant gameplay of the pixel classic and updates ⁣it with stunning ​modern graphics. It’s​ an ​exciting time for classic game ‍fans as Bitmap ⁣Bureau reignites this timeless game-play with​ a new modern ⁤twist.

Set in the beautiful Stardrop Kingdom, you play as ⁤the beloved Wink ‍and ‌Wink, two⁢ parasol stars who must span the magical land and restore ⁣balance⁤ and ⁤peace by any means necessary. The⁢ reimagined⁤ version of Parasol ⁤Stars takes the classic‌ adventure and pushes ⁤it ​forward with a brand new look. ‌Whether it’s ⁣exploring vibrant 3D polygonal environments ⁣or revisiting classic stages⁤ and enemies with⁢ a⁣ modern ⁣twist, ‍Parasol Stars: Reimagined promises ‍a ⁤new, improved adventure.

Prepare⁣ to ‍take on an array of enemies‍ from‌ the Spookling ‌gang and ​their⁢ robotic‍ army, ​and⁤ explore⁤ many of the original levels with a modern spin. Using your ⁣own style‍ and strategy, you can battle enemies ⁣with your⁤ parasol ⁢or opt to grab items and ​use them as strategic tools. ⁣Along the way, you ​can customize‌ your character and ⁤enjoy a host of other surprises.

Parasol ⁢Stars: Reimagined​ is⁢ slated ‍to ‌launch later this​ year on Xbox Series ⁣X/S,⁤ PlayStation⁤ 5, and PC. Fans of the classic​ game should ​get ready for‍ a whole‌ new experience‌ as their‍ beloved game⁢ is reimagined on next-gen‌ consoles.


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