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Call of Duty Coming to Xbox Game Pass Soon?

Call of Duty Coming to Xbox Game Pass Soon?

Good news for all the Xbox Game Pass users⁤ – Call ⁣of Duty is finally coming to ⁤the platform and players can now play⁣ it on​ their console. The game will be available to fans on the Xbox Game Pass starting next month and it is definitely something to be excited about.

Call of Duty is ⁤one of the most⁢ iconic and popular first-person ⁣shooter video games ever made. ‍It has been around ⁣since​ 2003 and it has⁢ become a commercial​ and critical success. The game‌ has also spawned‍ a few successful iterations, including‌ the popular ⁤Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Black Ops, and‍ Infinite Warfare.

The new version ​of the game will be available on Xbox Game Pass, which is Microsoft’s‌ subscription-based gaming service. It has become very popular over the⁤ last few years, offering gamers access to hundreds of great titles for a low monthly‌ fee. With the addition of Call of Duty to the ‌list of games available, Xbox Game⁣ Pass is sure to become even ⁣more attractive for casual⁤ and hardcore gamers alike.

Call of Duty on ​Xbox Game​ Pass will be‍ offered in its original 2003 version, so players‍ will get to experience the ‌first-person shooter in ‍its original glory. The game will be reimagined ⁣with⁤ new graphics and game modes to make it more compatible with today’s standards. Players will also be able to access all the original⁣ maps, game types, and even the game’s campaign.

The iconic game will be available on Xbox Game Pass from April 1st. It’s sure to⁣ be an exciting month for Call of Duty fans ‌and Xbox Game‌ Pass users alike. So don’t​ forget to mark ‍the date in⁤ your calendars ​- you won’t⁣ want to miss the chance ⁤to experience this classic shooter on your console.


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