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Prepare to Shed Tears: Rime Devs Tease New League of Legends Title

Prepare to Shed Tears: Rime Devs Tease New League of Legends Title

Developer Giant Squid Studios, creators of the highly acclaimed and ⁤emotionally charged Rime, have recently⁣ teased what looks to ‍be ⁤a‍ brand ⁣new League of Legends‍ title. Featuring a⁢ deeply emotional trailer and a visually stunning in-game hint, Rime ⁤ fans are certainly⁣ in for‌ a ride.

The teaser trailer features a young girl, presumably her⁣ heroine from Rime, surrounded by‍ a gorgeous landscape,‍ beasts, and ⁤even an angelic voice ⁢urging her to “awaken”. The⁢ narrator reiterates the call to awaken and sets the tone for the game: “The world⁣ is filled with‌ wonders, ‌awaiting exploration and discovery – meet the twenty first sacrifice.” The ​trailer then transitions to a cryptic ⁢in-game scene; the main character standing amongst trees and ⁢waterfalls, her ⁤flowing hair and dress colors blending seamlessly​ against a bright and lush backdrop – a beautiful contrast of serenity and adventure.

The in-game teaser contains ⁤a wealth of ​information about the⁤ upcoming title; players ⁤can expect an ⁣experience focused heavily⁤ on exploration and discovery, weaving a story about a world of secrets only to be discovered. ⁣The mysterious narrator⁢ and the glimpse of a​ mysterious artifact seen in the teaser all ⁢lead us to believe that this game will be‌ another emotional journey alongside ‍ Rime.‍ And based on the hints in the trailer, it looks like⁣ we’re in for​ a few tears.

The upcoming League of Legends title is set to release in⁤ the near ​future. With the teaser – both the trailer and its in-game rendering – we⁢ can expect to see a‌ visually‍ stunning, emotionally charged story. Prepare to shed just a few tears.


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