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Leaked Info: Another New Game Set to Join the ‘Persona 5’ Series

Leaked Info: Another New Game Set to Join the ‘Persona 5’ Series

It looks like another installment in the highly acclaimed Persona 5 series is on the way! A new game will be joining the series, and some information about the game have been leaked online. The game is said to be released on the widely popular PlayStation 4 console.

The news was confirmed on Twitter by a reliable source that manages content related to the Persona 5 universe. The post excited players around the world that leads to speculation of the new game. Information regarding the release date, story, and gameplay has not been confirmed by developer Atlus, yet.

Fans have been speculating what the game might be about, one of the most supported theories is that the game will be about the original protagonist from the first Persona 5 game, or related to Joker, the protagonist of Persona 5 Royal.

Various other plotlines have been suggested, but those are farfetched without further information from the developer.

The Persona 5 series has been met with overwhelming success since its initial release, it is one of the highest-rated games of all time and has an amazing fan base. It is looking like the upcoming game will continue the legacy of success.

We won’t be seeing any more news from Atlus for a while but we can keep our expectations high and hope for the best.


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