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Indie Delights Unveiled at Day of the Devs After Summer Game Fest – Polygon

Indie Delights Unveiled at Day of the Devs After Summer Game Fest – Polygon

The virtual “Day of the Devs” event brought big surprises for gamers on July 11. Several independent developers and game projects were revealed during this showcase hosted by iam8bit and the online gaming website Polygon.

Organized to celebrate and promote “indie” titles – games developed by small teams or individuals – the event featured titles such as Over the Alps, a tactical spy RPG set in 1930s Switzerland, and Sharin no Kuni, a visual novel highlighting the struggles of three sisters striving to protect their kingdom.

Also revealed during the event was the somber 2D puzzle platformer, Spelunky 2, as well as the multiplayer brawler River City Girls. In addition, U.S. Date Department, a narrative-driven strategy game set during the Cold War, was covered, as was the soothing exploration game Spiritfarer.

All titles were given the opportunity to shine during the event, regardless of size or scope. Their creators were able to explain how their games will bring something new not only to the genre, but also to the summer season game releases.

The “Day of the Devs” event was part of a larger Summer Game Fest celebration organized by Polygon in partnership with major digital and console stores and was followed up with an independent E3 announcement.

Although the event is over, the games released during “Day of the Devs” are sure to keep indie game fans happy. Fans can keep up with any future announcements and get their hands on the games from indie developers by checking the Polygon website or following the main Twitter account.


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