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Xbox Game Pass August Lineup Announced!

Xbox Game Pass August Lineup Announced!

Microsoft has just announced this August lineup ⁤for their ever-expanding Xbox Game Pass, and it’s packed with new titles for ⁣all kinds of gamers.

For ​the Xbox One, gamers can look ‌forward to ‍titles like “Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,” “Madden NFL ‍20,” “Resident Evil 5,” “Style Savvy: Styling Star,” “Transference,” and “Cities: Skylines,” all of which offer an innovative and immersive gaming experience.

The roster for PC gaming is equally awesome, with⁤ “Yakuza 0,” “Middle Earth: Shadow of War,” “Bad North: Jotunn Edition,” “River City Girls,” “Rage 2,” and “The Banner Saga 3”​ all‍ included in ​the lineup.

In addition,⁣ Microsoft is also adding‌ a ‌few classics for gamers to choose ⁢from, such as ⁣“Ace⁤ Combat 6:⁣ Fires of Liberation,” “Tales of Vesperia,”‌ and “Deus Ex: Human Revolution.”

Xbox Game‍ Pass ​Ultimate‌ members can also enjoy exclusive discounts on ⁢select titles, ⁣up to ‍a ‍maximum of 20 percent. This is on top of the free games all members can⁤ download ⁢and play.

With⁤ the exciting new titles coming this month, gamers of all kinds will⁢ certainly won’t have a hard time deciding what to play.


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