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Modern Warfare 3 to Feature Return of Slide-Cancelling Mechanics

Modern Warfare 3 to Feature Return of Slide-Cancelling Mechanics

Activision has officially announced the modernized remake of its classic title, Call of‌ Duty: ​Modern Warfare 3. As ‌part of its development plan, the game‌ will feature the return of the slide-cancelling mechanics. Sliding is a maneuver that has been used in first-person shooters​ since at ‌least 2004, allowing ⁤players to ‌quickly move close to enemies and ​dodge⁤ bullets. In Modern Warfare 3 however, players will now be​ able to cancel⁣ their slides midair with ​a quick jump mechanic.

The official announcement of the new feature was⁣ made ⁢during a panel at the Game ‍Developers Conference ‌in‍ March. Developers⁤ explained that this new mechanic allows ‌players to⁤ quickly ⁤move ‌away from danger while still⁤ keeping ‌their gun trained on an enemy. ⁢This could be a particularly useful strategy in close-quarters combat, as‌ the ​player can be one step ahead of enemies by quickly switching direction while maintaining‍ aim.

The slide-cancelling mechanic also adds greater tension to the game. By ​increasing the potential for surprise attacks, the Battlefield ⁢becomes chaotic as players must be constantly vigilant for sudden movements.

Developers‍ also noted that game balance will be maintained through the use of an elegant system ​that rewards skilled​ players while making it hard for them to exploit the feature. The game will include a range ⁢of customizable ‍options such as different speeds​ and acceleration rates that can be adjusted according to the user’s preference. ⁢

This new feature is just one of many changes ⁤that have been made to the beloved title. Modern ​Warfare 3⁢ is sure ‌to bring thrills and surprises with its many upgraded features that will surely⁢ make it an eagerly anticipated game when it launches.


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