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Fort Solis: Sci-Fi Horror With Troy Baker and Roger Clark Gets an August Release Date

Fort Solis: Sci-Fi Horror With Troy Baker and Roger Clark Gets an August Release Date

Gaming fans are in for a treat this August as a new Sci-Fi Horror game, ‘Fort Solis’ is set to be released. Starring Troy Baker and Roger Clark, the game will be available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Developed by Deadwood Studios, ‘Fort Solis’ is a first-person sci-fi horror game set in 2025. The game takes unique twist genre as it combines zombie-survival horror, supernatural events, and an intriguing conspiracy. Players will be tasked to investigate strange phenomena and uncover a hidden past, as well as battling different kinds of enemies.

Players will join Troy Baker (The Last of Us Part II, Borderlands 3, and Grand Theft Auto V) and Roger Clark (Red Dead Redemption II) who are set to star in the game. Troy Baker, known for his breathtaking voice performances, will be playing the main protagonist in the game while Roger Clark will be taking on the antagonist.

Two distinct game modes will be available: Story Mode and Multiplayer Mode. Story Mode involves the players being transported to the mysterious Fort Solis, as they explore an intriguing world of conspiracies, secrets, and zombies. While in Multiplayer Mode, players can team up together and fight against enemy hordes.

The game encourages self-expression through its diverse range of character customizations and weapons. Players can collect resources to craft weapons that will help them in their journey.

Deadwood Studios took inspiration from well-known games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. However, the studio states the graphics in ‘Fort Solis’ will look next-gen, with new lighting and audio effects. It is also said to have a wider variety of enemy types and weapons that will captivate players.

‘Fort Solis’ is confirmed to be released in August 2021 and is set to be one of the most intense and sought-after games of the upcoming year. With the reputation of Troy Baker and Roger Clark, the game is already being highly anticipated.

Are you ready for the creepy and suspenseful journey to Fort Solis?


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