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John Wick Out of Reach for ‘Mortal Kombat’ Movie Rights

John Wick Out of Reach for ‘Mortal Kombat’ Movie Rights

The road to‍ a⁣ Mortal Kombat movie adaptation continues to face ‍many ‍obstacles. John Wick‌ director,‌ Chad Stahelski, recently revealed ⁢that he is ‌a fan of the franchise ⁤but the ‍studio’s discussions have​ been fruitless.

It ⁤appears that current production companies for the Mortal Kombat film have not been able to come to an agreement on a ‍budget⁣ or creative direction. Stahelski, who was previously eyed to direct the movie,⁤ stated that scheduling, budget and‌ other ⁢creative differences all played a role in‌ why negotiations ⁤with the studio on⁣ the film never worked out. ‍

The pursuit of ⁣landing the rights for Mortal Kombat is not likely to stop ‍as the‌ studio is reportedly still interested in bringing the classic video game to the big screen.⁣ However, it seems that Stahelski is out of the running ‌with the studio ⁢unable to come to​ a ​consensus.

Moving ahead with the film without Chad Stahelski could‍ severely hurt the production as ⁣his ⁤skill and knowledge of⁤ various fight choreography could have been a major asset⁣ to the movie. His success on the John Wick franchise ⁢is‌ undeniable, ​as‍ the films ​have earned high ratings⁢ across the board, as ​well as critical and ​commercial success in the ‍box office.

Unfortunately, fans of the video game franchise ‌will likely have to⁤ continue to wait​ before a Mortal Kombat movie will make​ its⁣ premiere.‍ With the studio ⁣expecting competing scripts and studios vying for the rights, a possible movie could ⁣still be far down the line. Regardless of when it arrives, Stahelski and the⁣ John Wick movies ‌have ‌proven that⁢ there is still a market for ⁤action films and combat-fueled thrillers.


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