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Are Overwatch 2 Heroes’ Ages Too Good to Be True?

Are Overwatch 2 Heroes’ Ages Too Good to Be True?

It’s no secret that the heroes of Overwatch 2 are some of the most unique, individual ​characters in the‌ gaming universe—and one‍ thing ‍many players are wondering is: Are they really ⁢ all the same age, or are they too good to be true?

To answer this question, we need to take a closer look​ at the characters. Every hero in ‌Overwatch 2 fits into one of ⁢three age categories. Firstly, ‌there ‌are the very young characters,⁢ such as the precocious D.Va, who players have calculated to​ be around‍ 12-15 years old.⁢ Secondly, there are characters like Mercy, who, while⁤ still considered youthful, have a few ⁢scars to ⁣show that they have had a few adventures. Finally, there are the older characters, like Reaper and Reinhardt,⁤ who have lived long and distinguished lives.

So, what does all this mean? While they may not⁢ all look their age, the core heroes of Overwatch 2 have believable ages. They may not match up with biological time, but they do ​fit into the world ⁤they are set in—which is exactly what Blizzard wanted to achieve! When asked why the developers⁢ chose to keep the ‌characters the same age, they stated that ‍it gave the players the opportunity to grow up alongside ‍their​ favourite ‍heroes, making for more believable stories and enhanced⁢ experiences.

In conclusion, the heroes of Overwatch 2 are not too good to be true when it comes to their⁤ age. They all make sense in the universe they occupy, and that helps make their stories even‌ more exciting. Whether you’re teaming up with the brave D.Va or ⁢joining forces with the wise Reaper, you can rest assured⁤ that all of⁣ the heroes of Overwatch 2 are just ‍as old as they should be.


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