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Modern Warfare 3 Glitch Gives Players a Slithery Twist

Modern Warfare 3 Glitch Gives Players a Slithery Twist

Reports from ‍the ‌ Call of Duty:⁣ Modern‍ Warfare 3 ‍community are​ buzzing with news of‌ a ​new glitch that’s causing some players ‍to get a slithery twist. Players have ⁢reported that their characters suddenly ‍appear as if they have been turned⁢ into a snake, slithering ​along the ground with their‍ serpentine ⁤coils.

The glitch so far seems to only affect those ⁢who have chosen character customization​ options‌ for their army suit. Although there is some speculation that⁢ the ⁤snake skin comes from‍ a secret weapon found⁣ in the game, it’s likely that‍ the ​odd ⁣glitch is just an unintended​ side effect of the customization options.

The phenomenon has been picked‍ up on⁢ social media sites, where gamers have been sharing ⁢clips of their character in action, as well as venting their ‌disappointment that such a “cool” glitch doesn’t last once the game is restarted. Meanwhile, some gamers wonder‌ if the odd glitch ​opens up​ a new way of‍ attacking enemies, as‌ the snake animation for the character allows them‍ to crawl ‍through⁤ narrow cracks and past barricades.

For now, the Modern Warfare 3 glitch⁢ is causing frustrations and a range⁤ of headaches, as the players can no longer⁢ access ​the game, while others ‍are loving the creative play it potentially opens ⁤up. As game developer Infinity ​Ward investigate the issue, it’s likely ‌that​ the ​glitch ⁣will be accounted for in the next software update. Until then, ⁢players are left with ⁤a slithery twist to their⁢ experience.


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