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Indie Game Developers Unite to Support Palestine Through October Revenue Pledge

Indie Game Developers Unite to Support Palestine Through October Revenue Pledge

As‌ the Israeli-Palestinian ​conflict continues to⁢ rage on, ⁣indie‍ game developers have united in an attempt to support Palestine with their wallets. In October 2020, a group ‍of ‍over 100 independent​ game developers from around the world pledged to donate their ‍October game ‌revenue to ​Raise Hope for Gaza and Defense ⁢for‍ Children‌ International ⁣- Palestine.

The initiative, ⁣originally spearheaded by game voice actor Dave Fennoy‌ (most ⁣recognized as Lee Everett from the popular Walking Dead games) quickly ⁢gained‍ traction, with​ more developers joining in the pledge. Developers on board ‍range from‌ indie ⁤staples ‌like OhNoo Studio, Dear Villagers, and Finji ⁤to major titles like ⁢Axiom⁣ Verge ⁣and Hollow⁤ Knight.

The money raised ⁢will go towards Palestinian causes, ‌such as medical assistance, food, education, and clothing, and is set to⁣ be distributed‍ among multiple charities. Raise Hope​ for Gaza is ⁣a charity based in the United States​ that works⁢ to provide medical assistance and ​education‍ opportunities to children living in the Gaza ​Strip. Defense for Children International ⁢- Palestine is another American-based charity that advocates⁢ for the rights of Palestinian children who have been affected by the conflict.

The October revenue pledge isn’t the only way indie game developers‌ have been raising money for Palestinian causes. Many have also been donating proceeds ‍from sales ⁣of their games, as well‍ as their personal funds, to support those affected by ‌the conflict. For example, Cairo-based developers Saint Brothers released their game ‘Project⁤ Samraan’ in August and publicly announced that ⁢all proceeds will go directly to providing ⁢aid to Palestinians.​ The game has made over $8,000⁢ for⁣ the‌ cause so far.

Not only have indie developers ⁣been raising money ⁣for ‍the conflict, but they have also been raising awareness of the issue. ‘Beplugged’, a blog centered on promoting indie games, ran a weeklong⁤ series highlighting indie developers and their work to support Palestine.

It’s ‌clear ⁤that developers in​ the indie⁢ community are united in ⁣their support of Palestine. ‍Their efforts⁢ show that ⁣even small, independent game creators have the power to make a tangible difference to those in need. Though the conflict may yet ⁢be ongoing,​ the game industry sends⁣ its love and support to​ those people affected by it. ⁢


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