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Genshin Impact Unveils Xianyun’s Abilities and Animations

Genshin Impact Unveils Xianyun’s Abilities and Animations

Genshin Impact, the free-to-play action role-playing ⁢game developed by miHoYo, is introducing its newest character Xianyun. This new playable character is‌ a five-star Anemo user and its abilities and animations are brilliant.

Xianyun a dutiful servant of her ⁣lord and prodigy with the sword, is a pride ‍of the Twin Knights of Youdu. To demonstrate her loyalty and strength, she uses a⁢ technique known ​as “Yubikiri” which involves suppressing⁣ her own emotions and allowing her​ will to flow through her sword in ⁣order to defeat her enemies.

Players will be able to experience her strength first hand through her elemental‌ skill “Yubikiri no Hana” where Xianyun launches ‌a swift attack in the form of a⁢ flower petal. Her ‌elemental burst “Taiyoushi Fuurai”​ allows‌ her to ⁢miraculously create a vortex that sucks up all surrounding‍ elements and foes through⁢ a technique used by Ancient warriors.

Xianyun’s animations in‍ Genshin Impact showcase her combat prowess and graceful movements. Her ⁢animations carry a weight that emphasize that she is a ‌powerful swordsman. Her signature move ⁢”Yubikiri no Hana” involves Xianyun swiftly spinning ⁢her sword around ​her body ‍as a beautiful flower petal⁣ is created within the aftermath. Her Elemental burst creates an optical illusion of a purple flame-like vortex with her as the epicenter.

Genshin Impact has just released Xianyun who brings unique combat abilities and animations to the high-quality action-RPG. Those looking for a new five-star playable character should definitely check the new Xianyun out. ​


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