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Hatoful Boyfriend Creator Denounces Epic Games for Unpaid Royalties

Hatoful⁤ Boyfriend creator, Hato Moa, has gone on‍ record to express her‍ outrage ​at the way Epic Games has handled royalties from the ​sales of Hatoful Boyfriend on their platform. ‍In a fiery blog post and‌ series of Tweets,‌ the…

Stardew Valley’s Version 1.6 Update: Creator Offers Sneak Peak

As if we‌ needed any more​ reason to dive into Stardew​ Valley, there’s ‍a new version 1.6 ⁢update coming soon. Creator Eric Barone, ⁢also known as ConcernedApe, recently took to Twitter to offer fans a‌ sneak peak of the​ forthcoming…