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Gamer Facing Felony Charge for Leaking Starfield Footage

Gamer Facing Felony Charge for Leaking Starfield Footage

One ambitious gamer has learned the hard way of the dangerous repercussions of releasing unauthorized footage of an unreleased ​game. The gamer allegedly leaked an upcoming video game, called “Starfield”, which has yet to be announced by Bethesda Game Studios. Unfortunately, that ⁢ gamer now faces a felony ​charge.

The incident happened after a⁣ development build of Starfield, a highly anticipated role-playing video game was leaked onto the Internet. An anonymous user uploaded seven minutes of gameplay footage to YouTube which rapidly gained the attention of many gamers⁢ and caught the eye of the gaming giant, Bethesda Game Studios.

It didn’t take long for Bethesda to ⁣ track down the anonymous user behind the video which led to the police involvement and criminal charges. After a series of investigations, police officers eventually determined the individual who posted the footage and subsequently arrested him.

A spokeswoman from ⁤Bethesda Game Studios⁤ commented on the incident by saying “Piracy‌ of ‍our intellectual property should not be tolerated and⁢ we are committed to safeguarding ⁣the integrity ⁢of our ‌products‌ from ​illegal activity.”

This incident goes⁤ to show that there are serious ramifications for those⁤ who illegally obtain and leak unreleased games. Gaming companies are more vigilant than ever and will go to lengths⁣ to protect their properties.⁢ While the identity of the anonymous user has not been revealed, many gamers⁢ have speculated that the individual could face jail time or a hefty fine.


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