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Granblue Fantasy Versus Raging Fans over Changes to Simplified Inputs

Granblue Fantasy Versus Raging Fans over Changes to Simplified Inputs

The⁤ fighting game genre‌ has been⁤ around ‌for many years,​ and ‌Granblue ‍Fantasy Versus, released in February 2020, quickly became⁤ one of the most⁢ popular games ⁤in the​ genre. ⁤Developed by Arc ⁣System Works, Granblue Fantasy Versus is based on the popular Japanese ⁢mobile game Granblue Fantasy, and ​features characters ‌from the game ⁣as well as exciting ‌battles. The game is noted ⁤for its simple inputs,⁤ which ⁢allow novice players ​to⁣ understand and execute combos and special moves.

However, some of the game’s more experienced⁢ fans have voiced displeasure at recent changes ⁣to the⁢ simplified inputs, which makes combos ⁢easier to execute, even for inexperienced players.⁣ This ⁢change, they argue, makes the game ⁣too⁤ simple and removes⁢ the skill‌ needed to fight against more ‍experienced‌ players. Neither the developer nor publisher ⁢have commented on ‌this‍ change, ⁢nor have‌ they issued a​ statement on ‌the matter.

The debate‌ between casual players and ​competitive‌ players is often ⁢seen as ‍a “Chasm”. ​Casual ⁢players⁢ thrive on ⁣the ease‌ and⁣ relaxation the simple ⁣inputs offer, ⁢whereas the more competitive players‍ may‌ frown upon the lack ‌of challenge provided by⁣ simplified controls. While trying to satisfy both camps can be tricky,‍ many fans of⁢ the game⁣ believe that ​the current⁣ mechanics can be improved​ upon,⁤ while still allowing ‍the game‍ to‌ be playable⁤ for‌ a​ wide ⁣variety of players.‌

At the ⁣same time,​ some ‍fans have voiced their worry ⁤that the complexity of the game will be lost‍ if the simplified inputs remain, or worse, are removed, as ⁣this would ⁣remove a lot of⁣ the game’s appeal. There’s⁣ great debate over what‍ the right balance‌ may ⁣be between ease of use ⁤and ⁤skill-based gameplay, and the developers​ would do well to​ consider the‌ opinions of fans regarding ‌this issue.

The fact that fans‌ of Granblue Fantasy Versus have ‌been vocal‍ about‌ their opinion on⁤ the matter is ⁣not surprising. The game has experienced steady success ​and has‌ a⁢ dedicated fanbase. As ⁤such, it’s ⁢no‍ surprise that fans are passionate about ⁤their opinions regarding ‌the game’s ‍mechanics and⁤ overall design.‍ As​ the game continues to‍ be ‌developed and updated,⁤ players will be‌ keeping a ‍close eye ‍on⁣ the ‌changes made, to⁤ see if they are‌ beneficial ⁣or detrimental ‌to‌ their​ experience.


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