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Modern Warfare 3 Artwork & Logo Leak Ahead of Official Reveal

Modern Warfare 3 Artwork & Logo Leak Ahead of Official Reveal

Rumors ⁤have ⁣been circulating‌ around the​ upcoming ‍Call‌ of ‌Duty installment, Modern​ Warfare‌ 3, with leaked ⁢artwork and ⁣logo‌ surfacing⁤ weeks⁢ prior ⁤to⁤ its scheduled announcement. The⁣ artwork⁢ resembles that ⁤of the two ⁣preceding‍ installments, Modern‍ Warfare ​and Modern⁣ Warfare⁣ 2,‍ and features ‍the⁤ slogan “The ⁣Best‍ Just⁣ Got⁣ Better”.

Activision, the ⁣developers of CoD, has ⁤yet to make⁤ an official announcement but​ that doesn’t mean the ‍rumors ⁤and speculation ‌won’t ⁤continue‍ to⁢ pour ‌in.‍ Rumors ​of‌ downloadable‌ content, ‍the setting ⁤of⁤ the‍ game and possible⁢ multiplayer features ⁢have also been​ circulating.

Activision ​has an ⁢event ​planed for May ‍8th‍ unveiling more information on CoD: Modern‌ Warfare 3, ‌but​ until​ then all⁢ we can do is speculate on ⁤what’s ‌to ⁤come.

The artwork⁢ and logo‍ leaked⁢ online created⁣ a frenzy​ in‍ the gaming community ‌with ⁢thousands‌ of ​user​ comments ranging from anticipation ​to disbelief.‍ The military theme familiar‍ with​ both‌ Modern Warfare ‌2 and the upcoming⁣ installment ​certainly‌ stood out ⁢in ⁢the ‍artwork and⁢ logo.

So‌ far⁤ no‍ details‌ on single player⁢ or⁢ multiplayer ‌have been released, and with ⁢May 8th ⁣quickly ⁢approaching ⁣players can look⁢ forward to more information, ⁣and another⁤ highly anticipated installment⁣ of Call of ‌Duty.


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